Couples Counselling

Counselling for Couples

Most people believe that relationship counselling is only required when things get really bad. Our counsellors at Room to Talk Counselling are here to offer support and a space to talk whenever you need us, no matter what situation you are facing within your relationship.

We are here to help even if your problems seem trivial.

Our counsellors provide a non -judgmental, accepting and supportive environment to help you through any difficulties.

Relationships are a significant part of our lives and bring many rewards whilst also at times due to varying influences can bring about conflict and disharmony.

Counselling for couples can offer a therapy which looks to improve communication and resolve issues within an intimate relationship. We’re here to support all couples, no matter their marital status or sexual orientation.

Every relationship is different. Our counsellors will help you to look at your communication, emotional, sexual and behavioral dynamic that might exist with you and your partner. Working within an open and encouraging environment this can help couples to achieve clarity and focus about their relationship.


What to expect from Counselling for Couples from your first appointment.

Your first appointment will offer you and your partner the opportunity to explore any issues within your relationship and perhaps to identify any goals to begin a process of open communication. Your trained counsellor will help with any questions or concerns that you may have about the therapy at this meeting

Our counsellors understand that difficulties within relationships are very private and personal and they will work with each couple in a sensitive way, in confidence to look at supporting the couple to find clarity. Your counsellor will help you as a couple by identifying and assessing patterns of behaviour within your relationship and to work with you both in a structured and fair way encouraging enhanced communication.