School courses

In recent years schools have reported a real increase in cases of stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks amongst pupils, staff and the wider school community. Alongside school counselling services, Room To Talk Counselling offers mental health education services to pupils, teachers and parents within the school environment.

Mental Health Courses for Pupils

The “Be Me” course was written by Room To Talk Counselling and has been successfully run by Lisa in a number of UK secondary schools.  The course is designed for secondary school pupils identified by the school as those who would benefit from further learning and support around emotional resilience. Briefly, the course content covers the following over six weeks;

  • What are stress and anxiety, how do they affect us?
  • What is mindfulness and how does it help?
  • Basic meditation exercises
  • Self awareness
  • Communication and how to communicate effectively
  • Personal direction and goal setting
  • Emotional resilience and how to manage our emotions

At the end of the course feedback forms are given to all pupils. A report is submitted to the school SEN department outlining pupil feedback and advised next steps.

Mental health awareness evenings for Parents

Room To Talk Counselling offers schools a parents’ evening service designed to teach and promote good mental health practices at home and to raise awareness of the warning signs of stress, anxiety and depression in children and teenagers. These evenings can either be delivered in presentation format to large groups or an interactive workshop format to smaller groups.

Mentoring and mental health awareness services to Teachers

Room To Talk Counselling offers individual counselling, individual mentoring and group courses to Teachers in schools. The service is aimed to broaden the team’s understanding and to build confidence in how best to support and guide pupils who are presenting warning signs of depression, panic, stress or anxiety. The course helps give staff the practical skills to identify when pupils require additional attention, support or even intervention from mental health professionals.


For further details or to enquire about arranging a course within your school, please contact one of our therapists.